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A variety of Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga classes London Waterloo SE1 (beginners and intermediate). Also life changing therapies of Access Consciousness in London and Surrey. Call Jayne Micallef on 07958 296 647

Yoga classes in London Waterloo

Getting onto the yoga mat is an adventure you have with your body. Studies have shown that yoga not only reduces stress, helps weight loss and eases joint pain, it improves overall strength and flexibility.

Regular practice is a great way to be fit and healthy and have way more freedom with your body.

You will find here a variety of well established classes in London Waterloo (with music) to suit beginners and intermediate. Is yoga right for you? More


TherapiesLife changing therapies

Would you like more ease and peace with your body? Would you like to clear the energetic blocks that limit your receiving? More

Money, relationship, job… Are you stuck? Would you like to change that and create something greater that works for you? More

What else is possible for you

and your body?

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